"All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection"
"... except for the problem of too many levels of indirection"

- David Wheeler

More Productive C++ with TDD

The title might read a little like click-bait, and there are certainly some nuances and qualifications here. But, hey! That's what the article is for.

Those that know me know that I have been a practitioner of, and advocate for, TDD in C++ for many years. I originally introduced Catch in an attempt to make that easier. I've given many talks that touch on the subject, as well as giving coaching and consultancy. For the last year I've added to that with a workshop class that I have given at several conferences - in both one-day and two-day forms (at CppCon you can do either!).

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East End Functions

There has been a recent stirring of attention, in the C++ community, for the practice of always placing the const modifier to the right of the thing it modifies. The practice has even been gifted a catchy name: East Const (which, I think, is what has stirred up the interest).

As purely a matter of style it's fascinating that it seems to have split the community so strongly! There are cases for and against, but both sides seem to revolve around the idea of "consistency"

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The World's First Distributed C++ Meet-up (*)

(* Probably)

Last week my London based C++ user group, C++ London, joined forces with SwedenCpp, based in Stockholm, for a distributed event where we shared video streams with each other. The whole thing was hosted by King, who took care of the audio-visual link up, so we just had to organise the speakers.

We did this as a series of lightning talks (5 or 10 minutes each) - 5 in Stockholm and 7 in London.

This was an experiment. The idea was that, if successful, we could do more like this

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