I don't usually use this blog to get meta about, well, this blog. But I just wanted to take a moment to reset some expectations. This is probably not of great interest to most readers so please feel free to skip it. I promise I won't do it very often.

I've had a series of posts recently about the iPad, and historically one or two others that have touched on products rather than code. Primarily this blog has been about software development. The target audience is software developers. I will continue to write about software development. However I also occasionally intersperse this with commentary on technology that I feel is relevant to software development as a scene, if not as a discipline. I feel that the iPad is going to have a big impact on he future of software - maybe not in total, but in significant part. Not everyone will agree with that, but what are blogs for if not for putting opinions out there to be dissected (don't answer that)?

It's also interesting that, while my iPad posts gave it a run for its money for a while, my highest ranking post to date remains the one about setting up Time Machine backups to network drives. I'm not sure if this is a good sign or not. But one thing is sure. I'm not going to switch my focus to writing about products just to get the page hits. That's not why I write this blog.

Well that's enough indulgence of the forbidden fruit of meta for now. We will now resume our usual programming (pun very much intended).

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