The move to Squarespace

I've been maintaining a low volume technical blog on Blogger for a few years at Blogger is not bad for a free service, but it does have its limitations, and can be fiddly to customize (where possible at all). So I felt it was time to move on.

Since my interest in blogging is purely in the content I wanted to keep the maintenance overhead to a minimum, so that ruled out the self hosting options such as Wordpress. After a little research I've settled on Squarespace. While a little more expensive I feel it is worth the money as it seems highly configurable (perhaps not to the degree of Wordpress, but I don't think I need *that* much freedom), with a very polished, easy to use, robust interface.

So here we are, with my inaugural post. I'll be dusting off some of my metatechnology posts and reposting here - perhaps taking the opportunity to edit a little. While I'll leave metatechnology in place it remains only for historical interest (and in case any has linked to it).


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