The following are some of the references, and source materials, from my talk, Polymorphism A La Carte in C++, with Eduardo Madrid

Source materials:
[1]Ed's Zoo library
[2]Stringize example
[3]Godbolt link for CopyableDCw
Code demos:
[4]SquarePeg in a RoundHole, in Swift
[5]SquarePeg in a RoundHole, in Rust
[6]SquirrelDuck, in Objective-C
My Other referenced talks:
[7]OO Considered Harmful - Phil Nash
[8]Not Leaving Performance On The Jump Table - Eduardo Madrid
[9]Type-Erasing the Pains of Runtime Polymorphism - Eduardo Madrid
[10]Protocol-Oriented Programming - Dave Abrahams
[11]Inheritance is the Base Class of Evil - Sean Parent