The following are some of the references, and source materials, from the talk, "What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - A tale of expectations and exceptions", by Simon Brand and Phil Nash

New proposals:
[1]p0709 - Zero-overhead deterministic exceptions (Herb, et al's paper)
[2]p1028 - Status Code and standard error object (supporting work from Niall Douglas)
[3]p1029 - [[move_relocates]] (More supporting work from Niall)
Existing Proposals:
[4]p0542r4 - Contracts proposal
[5]p0323r4 - std::expected
Background and other languages:
[6]Centralized Defensive-Programming Support for Narrow Contracts
[7]Total Functional Programming
[8]Date example in Ada
[9]Dependent types in Idris
[10]Swift Error handling paper - John McCall (Apple)
[11]Midori Error handling paper - Joe Duffy
[12]Do notation in Haskell
[13]John McFarlane's exception handling costs
[14]Simon Brand's call for exception handling cost figures (with some links)
[15]Disappointments (Lawrence Crowl)
Existing Language features, techniques and libraries:
[16]Simon Brand's coverage of [[nodiscard]]
[17]Simon Brand's take on monadic use of optional and expected
[18]Summary of SG14 discussion on <system error>
[19]Niall Douglas, 'Introduction to proposed std::expected' (Meeting C++ 2017)
[20]Charley Bay on std::system_error and std::error_code (C++ Now 2017)
[21]David Stone's Bounded Integers library
[22]Jason Turner's C++ Weekly on [[nodiscard]]
[23]John Regehr on Undefined Behaviour (CppCon 2017) - pt 1
[24]John Regehr on Undefined Behaviour (CppCon 2017) - pt 2
[25]Piotr Padlewski on Undefined Behaviour (CppCon 2017)
[26]Chandler Carruth on Undefined Behaviour (CppCon 2016)
[27] Phil Nash's Functional C++ talk, including monadic use of std::optional
[28] Phil Nash's Option(al) Is Not a Failure (C++ Now)
[29]Results of 2018 C++ Foundation Developer Survey
[30]Tweet with Single bean creation error message
[31]Ron Jeffries 'opposite of the happy path' tweet